Vivian Hristoskova: “Rhythmic gymnastics is a beautiful sport, accompanied by many sacrifices and hard work”

Author: Sibila Kusva
Today we will introduce you to a wonderful 11-year-old girl who breaks our modern notions of rebellious teenagers and proves that there are quality talents in our country. Despite her fragile age, she already has over 50 medals from international tournaments in rhythmic gymnastics, but that does not make her dizzy and she firmly focuses on the textbooks and books. Her favorite book is “Pippi Longstocking” and just like the heroine she likes to dream and not to stop in front of any difficulties. Typical for her zodiac sign Sagittarius, she likes to be in nature and enjoy its tranquility and silence. We present you Vivian Hristoskova, who won a silver medal at the competition “Future Stars” in Sofia and gold at “Slavia Cup”.
Hello Vivian. You won a medal at the competition “Future Stars” in Sofia. Tell us a little more about it and do you have any other titles?
I won a silver medal on clubs. Then I participated on May 20 in Sofia at the competition “Slavia Cup”. There I won a gold medal without apparatus, a silver medal in the all-around and a bronze on clubs. I also have over 50 medals from international tournaments, several cups and several prizes-special awards.
How do you feel after such a victory?
Every time it is very exciting, when I climb on the podium I am happy, because usually people see only the beautiful part of our sport, but maybe they do not really know how much hard work it costs us for each medal. I can say that some of the most beautiful moments in which I felt incredible happiness were when I was chosen to present a demonstration dance at two World Championships in Arena Armeec among the best Bulgarian and world gymnasts.
Which one is your favorite award?
All medals are valuable to me, but maybe my favorite ones are the prizes I have received.
And which one is the most prestigious?
The most expensive and prestigious medal for me is not from an individual competition, but when with my team we became vice-national champions in the team competition in 2020, because then the responsibility and tension are much bigger, because you do not play only for yourself, but for the whole team.
How did you get interested in rhythmic gymnastics and how old were you when you started training?
I have been in the hall of rhythmic gymnastics since I was 5 years old. Mom took me there and I was very impressed by the ribbons, tricks and apparatuses.
Do you have time for school and friends?
Usually I leave home at 7 o’clock and come back only at 20:30 and sit down to write my homework. We rest only on Sunday. In the summer, when all children rest, we train all day long. I almost have no free time for games and rest. There are many difficulties in our sport, such as injuries, so just at 9 years old I got a serious injury that took me out of the hall for a year, which in this sport is almost unthinkable to come back again. I am glad that after this test and long treatment I train and compete again.
Which one is your favorite subject at school and what do you dream of becoming?
My favorite subjects are math and drawing. I dream of becoming an architect.
You are very beautiful, does this hinder or help in sports?
Thank you! When I was younger it helped me, because I won many additional prizes, but now I would not say so, because the competitions and judging at this age are already much more serious and the judges evaluate completely different qualities.
What do you dream of?
I dream of living in a small house near a river and enjoying the meadows and birds. Besides that, I love to be in nature.