Permanent exhibition in Kazanlak of Thracian cultural and historical treasures

Daniel Prodanov

At the end of last month, Daniel Prodanov, a representative from the „Vazrazhdane“ party, submitted a written question to the National Assembly requesting that the Minister of Culture arrange for the provision of Thracian cultural and historical artifacts, discovered in the Kazanlak Valley and currently preserved in the National Archaeological Museum and the National Historical Museum, to be accessible annually to the citizens and visitors of Kazanlak. In his statement, he pointed out that unlike the global and European practice, for nearly 20 years, the discovered Thracian cultural treasures, such as the golden mask from the Sveshtari tomb, the bronze head of Seuthes III from the Golyama Kosmatka tomb, as well as all the findings from the Sashova and Sineva tombs, are located outside the Kazanlak Valley, where they were discovered, and have not been exhibited in Kazanlak in their original form as a whole, representing the cultural and historical heritage of the region. According to the representative, organizing an annual exhibition in Kazanlak of the aforementioned Thracian cultural artifacts will greatly boost tourism and serve as a prerequisite for creating new job opportunities. Traditionally, celebrations are held every year in the Valley of the Thracian Kings, and the presence of the original historical discoveries would make the experience unforgettable for all the city’s guests. According to the deputy, based on the existing regulatory framework, the Minister of Culture could issue an order to arrange for the exhibition of the mentioned Thracian cultural and historical artifacts for six months each year in Kazanlak and Sofia, as advocated by „Vazrazhdane.“

In response to the question, Minister of Culture Krusto Krustev stated that he welcomes the proposal of the representative but clarified that issuing a specific order is not necessary in this case. Instead, an agreement should be signed between the three museums (Historical Museum „Iskra“ – Kazanlak, National Archaeological Institute with Museum at BAS, and National Historical Museum), outlining the respective contracts and ensuring the necessary funding. „Vazrazhdane“ intends to hold discussions with representatives of the responsible institutions and take all possible actions to implement the idea.