The commercial word in the media

The Council for Electronic Media /CEM/ organized a discussion on the topic “The commercial word in the media”, at which the legal frameworks and restrictions, as well as practical aspects of presenting commercial brands and services were discussed. Media service providers, representatives of the National Self-Regulation Council, journalist associations participated in the meeting. The Consumer Protection Commission /CPC/ was represented by Commission member Angel Dzhalev, who stated: “This applies mainly to the proposals that are given through the media regarding distance contracts, as we know well that this sector, especially after the COVID crisis, is in exceptional growth. This is also shown by our data, which we have in the Commission. Naturally, with this sensitivity and complaints that we receive from consumers are increasing. Unfortunately, since the beginning of the year we have been observing not only an increase in consumer complaints but also a much larger number of violations committed by the respective traders. Perhaps they are already over 250. We receive a very large number of consumer complaints regarding commercial messages sent through the media and on the Internet space for contracts concluded at a distance. The worse thing is that the application of unfair commercial practices as a number is also growing. At the moment there are about 80 pieces that have been voted by the current composition of the Commission. With this I want to thank you again for having the opportunity and pleasure to attend this round table so that we can hear what are the most current problems, how we can reach their faster resolution so that we can preserve consumer rights and every Bulgarian citizen can be calm that he makes his informed commercial choice.”
The event took place on July 5, 2023 at 11:00 am in the administrative building of CEM.